AYANEO 2021-12-03 · AYA Space

AYA Space releases public beta

When my team and I decided to work on AYANEO as our most important business in the future, how to change the habits of using Windows handhelds so that users have a better experience and unlimited possibilities for imagination when using Windows handhelds. These have become important topics for our thinking.


We have spent several months developing AYA Space. After a period of testing, we can finally open the public test to all AYANEO users.Welcome everyone to enjoy our results.


The following is an introduction poster made by our team for AYA Space. I believe you will have a basic understanding of AYA Space after reading it.




Important hint:

If you have the AYANEO founder version or the first batch of AYANEO official versions, please check the FAQ and follow the instructions to upgrade the controller firmware. If you have AYANEO 2021, you can download and use AYA Space directly. The controller firmware of AYANEO 2021 is the latest exclusive version.


AYA Space official download link:



AYA Space FAQ:


Before using AYA Space, please read the above set of questions carefully to avoid critical errors.


Feedback channel:

Google Sheets Statistics: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYSIyJxbIsnE4D9-byw7BgAcidtRtUkyeRzamjWGNGTAj2BQ/viewform


Exchange community:

AYANEO official Discord AYA Space channel: https://discord.gg/tfW6wWBaqh


Feedback email:





Arthur Zhang


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