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AYANEO 2021 upgrade kit is in preparation

After we have completed the shipment of AYANEO 2021, there are currently two more important tasks:

-Production preparation of AYANEO 2021 Pro

-Preparations for the first official version of AYANEO's upgrade kit


The production preparation work of AYANEO 2021 Pro is expected to start on October 8th, Beijing time. We estimate that it will take 10 days to prepare for the first batch of goods.


As a fulfilment of our past promises, after China’s National Day holiday, we will also begin to prepare the first official version of AYANEO upgrade kits. Due to the large number, we need to purchase materials from suppliers.


We need to prepare the upgrade kits for all users of the AYANEO Founder Edition (additional payment is required) and the first official version of AYANEO. Due to the large number, it is estimated that more than 2500 sets of materials need to be prepared. So we need to spend a lot of money to purchase materials, and it takes some time for suppliers to stock up.


Since the upgrade kit needs to replace the shell, and the screen and the shell are related, the screen is the biggest cost in the upgrade kit, and it also takes the longest production time. All friends who upgrade AYANEO 2021 can get a brand new screen.


Of course, as we said before, in addition to PCBA, battery, SSD, the upgrade kit includes all other accessories.


So in addition to the screen, there are a lot of other materials that need to be prepared. After the holiday, we will communicate with various suppliers about the delivery time of the accessories. After obtaining the accurate time, I will issue a new announcement.


Since AYANEO 2021 (orders delivered to the channel) and AYANEO 2021 Pro are both in production, our upgrade kits and production time can just be staggered. It is expected that after the completion of the production of AYANEO 2021 Pro, we can start the delivery of the upgrade kit.


As mentioned in previous announcements, we have several ways to provide AYANEO 2021 upgrades:

-We provide upgrade kits and detailed installation videos for the first official version of AYANEO, assembled by the user, and the user bears the tax and express shipping costs.

-The supporter will express the official version of AYANEO handheld to AYANEO company in Shenzhen, China, and we will upgrade it, and the round-trip shipping and taxes will be borne by the user.

-Founder version users need to pay to purchase the upgrade package, the purchase price and link will be announced in the future.


[We care about all the details, even a box]






For the first type of user, we designed a damn beautiful box.


You can get a set of different accessories for AYANEO 2021 from different boxes. We will classify it for you, just for you to better assemble it. The most important thing is that for the first batch of users, it's damn free!


Haha, let us prepare the goods for you in the next time. At the same time, we also need to start preparing the sub-assembly methods of the accessories and shooting the assembly tutorial videos.


When everything is ready and we have finished all orders, the upgrade of AYANEO 2021 will begin. At that time, we will announce the detailed methods and procedures.


AYANEO is a brand founded by enthusiastic players. Our products are designed for players, and the quality services we provide are also because we are players, so we understand the needs of players.


This is not only a business, but also a sympathy between players and players.




Arthur Zhang


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