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By coincidence in 2021, I saw AYA-related topics on the Internet. As usual, I clicked in to find out. So I saw AYANEO handheld.


In fact, to me, the handheld is the PSP, Switch, just like the "up" face toy in junior high and high school. But after seeing AYANEO, I found that the current handheld is different from usual. The AYANEO handheld operates like a computer version. It is equipped with Win 10 system and high-performance graphics cards and other hardware. This has made me new to the handheld. Cognition.



When I first started with 4500, I was still afraid of stepping on thunder. After all, the rate of thundering on the current network products is a bit high. When I received the AYANEO handheld, I couldn't wait to lay the handheld flat on my thighs and repeatedly weigh its weight and feel. Unsurprisingly, the hand feel and weight of the handheld are just moderate, and the size is just moderate when placed in flared pants or drop-off pants.



And in the case of moderate size, many problems have been solved, such as our dependence on computers, not only on games but also on computers in office scenarios. For example, writing PPT, or making related financial statements in Excel, etc., can be solved perfectly on the AYANEO handheld.



So most consumers who buy AYANEO handhelds are concerned about the suitability of the game. We will not show the pictures here, and directly upload the video to let everyone experience the charm of AYANEO handhelds (Horizon 5 test)


Video uploaded successfully


Thanks to AYANEO for bringing me such a good product. I will always look forward to the future of AYANEO, and I will always look forward to it. Come on AYANEO!



December 9, 2021


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