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Early Bird Price Starting at $699, The FLIP Handheld AYANEO FLIP KB & DS Is Officially Released

On January 30th, the flip Windows handheld console AYANEO FLIP KB & DS was officially released, setting a new benchmark for the flip handheld gaming experience with its outstanding flip full keyboard design and exclusive flip dual-screen gameplay in the Windows handheld console category.



The AYANEO FLIP series continues with a controller layout that better suits gamers' habits, featuring an innovative VC liquid cooling + air cooling technology for powerful 28W performance release, a 120Hz high-refresh-rate screen, automatic locking at 120°/150°/180°, custom ergonomic grips, Master versatile controller, Hall sensing joysticks + Hall triggers, optical finger mouse, high-speed OCuLink interface, stereo sound effects, comprehensive haptic feedback, rich interface configurations, and the exclusive AYASpace 2.0 optimized for the flip handheld, bringing a new gameplay experience to dual-screen Windows handhelds.


Highlights of AYANEO FLIP KB
Highlights of AYANEO FLIP DS


The flip full keyboard console AYANEO FLIP KB is available for an early bird price starting at $699, while the dual-screen flip console AYANEO FLIP DS is available for an early bird price starting at $739. The AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U version is expected to start shipping in the Middle March.


A different take on a classic with an equally great experience


As a tribute to retro nostalgia, the AYANEO FLIP series, under the AYANEO REMAKE concept, innovatively extends the classic flip design to Windows handheld consoles, creating a comprehensive and elevated gaming experience by understanding gamer needs and exploring technology.



AYANEO recognizes the higher expectations and pursuits of gamers for flip Windows handheld console design and experience. Therefore, the AYANEO FLIP series interprets the classic flip design in two ways, with full keyboard KB and dual-screen DS, delivering double surprises to gamers.


Flip full keyboard handheld AYANEO FLIP KB


As AYANEO's first flip full keyboard console, AYANEO FLIP KB features an RGB standard character full keyboard that automatically lights up with vibrant colors when opened. The keyboard area is centered, allowing for easy full keyboard input when held with both hands, providing a typing experience comparable to classic full keyboard phones.



Thanks to a relatively larger keyboard area, AYANEO FLIP KB includes a dedicated F key area. It not only has preset shortcuts for volume/brightness adjustment, screen mirroring, multimedia playback control, and more but also can achieve F key functions and other office shortcuts through Fn key combinations, offering a first-class keyboard experience comparable to a laptop.



World's first flip dual-screen Windows handheld AYANEO FLIP DS


The AYANEO FLIP DS, a dual-screen flip console that has amazed many retro gamers, introduces a 3.5-inch touch secondary screen design in the Windows handheld console field, providing a more immersive experience for dual-screen retro gaming with a resolution of 960*640 and a 3:2 aspect ratio.



AYANEO has adapted a series of secondary screen function modules for the AYANEO FLIP DS through AYASpace 2.0. The core functions of AYASpace can be conveniently realized on this secondary screen.


- Performance Settings: Display various performance data and set performance parameters such as TDP and fan strategy without navigating to the AYASpace interface.

- Quick Controls: Quickly switch virtual keyboard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other practical functions, providing a convenient experience similar to a mobile control center without calling out a quick settings window.

- Quick Apps: Set commonly used applications in AYASpace and open them quickly through the secondary screen.

- Smart Secondary Screen: Quickly access open process windows on the main screen and pull the desired window to the secondary screen with a single button, allowing processes to switch between the main and secondary screens.*


*Some features will be available in future OTA updates.



In addition, the AYANEO FLIP DS innovatively introduces the "Dual Screen Key," allowing a single click to show/close AYASpace secondary screen application windows and a quick double-click to restore the default settings of application windows and system settings between the main and secondary screens. The addition of the "Dual Screen Key" effectively solves the problem of chaotic arrangement of dual-screen or more application windows when there is no keyboard and mouse.



The secondary screen of AYANEO FLIP DS, as a Windows native extension screen, can achieve more gameplay, such as playing games on the main screen while browsing strategies/videos on the secondary screen, as well as the authentic experience of dual-screen retro gaming cherished by retro gamers. Gamers can install third-party secondary screen management software to develop more rich and exciting features.



Different in form, unified in core experience. AYANEO FLIP KB & DS follows the AYANEO philosophy of "Real Gamers Know Gamers," offering a comprehensive experience superior to similar products in terms of appearance, performance, and overall experience.


Natural and Intuitive Controller Layout


Unlike other similar products with top-bottom layouts, the AYANEO FLIP series adheres to the core concept of prioritizing gaming console control and adopts a left-right controller layout design. The keyboard/secondary screen is located in the middle area between the two handles, and the positions of the joystick, D-pad, and ABXY keys better align with the operating habits that gamers have developed over the years, providing an experience that feels natural and intuitive.



Additionally, the joystick adopts a recessed design to avoid obstructing the screen in the closed state and allows comfortable use of the ABXY keys during gameplay.


AYANEO introduces an optical finger mouse module for the first time


AYANEO introduces an optical finger mouse module for the first time on the AYANEO FLIP series, providing gamers with a native mouse experience and allowing the Windows handheld console to achieve an experience comparable to a conventional PC's Windows system.



If gamers are not accustomed to the optical finger mouse, they can use the "Smart Mouse" function in AYASpace to simulate the cursor with the joystick and extend more functions.



In addition, the AYANEO FLIP series is equipped with an independent Home button for easy access to the Windows game menu, similar to the traditional game controller's home button.



Full-angle Flip Screen for a Polished Experience


The AYANEO FLIP series's screen adopts a damping hinge structure, supporting full-angle flip. In addition to this, it provides three preset positions at 120°/150°/180°, allowing gamers to feel a clear paragraph sense when adjusting to these three angles, after which the screen automatically locks.



To provide a better flip experience, the AYANEO FLIP series adds a magnetic design between the screen and the body, automatically attracting to achieve a tighter closure. It also includes rubber pads to better protect the screen between opening and closing.


First Handheld with a High Refresh Rate Screen


The AYANEO FLIP series is the first to feature a high-refresh-rate screen among AYANEO handheld consoles, equipped with a 7-inch 1080P 120Hz IPS dynamic screen, elevating the experience of daily use and gaming to a new level. It continues AYANEO's strict standards for screens, delivering the strongest color and brightness performance in its class, providing gamers with a smooth and immersive experience.



Elegant Aesthetics Blending with Refined Ergonomics


The AYANEO FLIP series continues AYANEO's artistic design style, outlining an elegant streamlined body in pure and elegant "Milky White" and mysterious deep "Shadow Black." The minimalistic design with no exposed screws on the entire body, combined with PC+fiberglass material and advanced UV spraying process, offers a texture that stands out among similar flip Windows handheld consoles.



The body of the AYANEO FLIP series features a more rounded R angle, providing a more comfortable grip for gamers. It also adopts a new custom grip design, delivering a native comfortable grip sensation.



The AYANEO FLIP series also innovatively introduces a cleverly designed interchangeable grip piece. The package includes delicate anti-slip "Star Diamond" texture and smooth anti-sweat "Galaxy" texture grip pieces, allowing gamers to choose different tactile sensations.



In terms of usage, the button layout of the AYANEO FLIP series has been carefully considered, placing the most commonly used buttons in the most convenient positions to truly make playing fatigue-free.



First Handheld with Full-Speed OCuLink Interface


The AYANEO FLIP series is equipped with a PCIe 4x4 direct-connected OCuLink interface with a maximum bandwidth of up to 64Gbps, allowing the compact flip Windows handheld console to output full-blooded graphics card performance.



The OCuLink interface is responsible for connecting the graphics card expansion dock to output complete performance, while the full-featured USB4 interface is used for power supply and data transmission. It can simultaneously meet the high demands of 3A major games and productivity requirements, making the Windows handheld console a compact gaming console/workstation.



First to Feature Dual Flagship Processors


The entire AYANEO FLIP series is the first to feature the all-new AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U flagship processor, which not only boasts powerful performance and excellent energy efficiency but also sees a comprehensive upgrade in AI performance, significantly improving efficiency for gamers' AI creation needs and other productivity requirements.



The AYANEO FLIP series introduces VC liquid cooling technology for the first time in a Windows handheld console, with a 6243mm² VC heatsink and 27189mm² heatsink fins combined with a high-performance PC-grade turbo fan. This setup achieves a robust 28W TDP performance release, making it the performance king among current flip Windows handheld consoles.



In addition to the AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U version, the AYANEO FLIP series also offers the AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U version. The collaboration of these dual flagship processors brings high-performance performance to gamers.


Flexible and Versatile Master Control System


The AYANEO FLIP series inherits the well-known Master controller, with D-pad, ABXY keys, and shoulder buttons all using matel dome button technology, providing crisp and light feedback, and the combo experience gradually climbing for combo moves.



AYANEO's core technology, standard Hall sensing joysticks, and Hall triggers will continue to bring precise and enjoyable control experiences to the AYANEO FLIP series.



In the compact body of the AYANEO FLIP series, it still features a more realistic X-axis linear motor with enhanced feedback and a more precise six-axis gyroscope. Coupled with the latest AYASpace 2.0 feature, "Motion EX," gamers can experience the most convenient and immersive multi-sensory gaming experience.


High-Speed Interface Configuration


The AYANEO FLIP series is not only equipped with a high-speed OCuLink interface but also features 1 full-featured USB4 Type-C interface, supporting a 40Gbps rate, DP 1.4 video output, and PD charging function; 1 USB 3.2 Gen2 data interface, and a UHS-II high-speed TF card slot, theoretically supporting a maximum read speed of 300MB/s. The M.2 2230 PCIe 4.0 SSD with a maximum capacity of 2TB is included as a standard.



Gamers can use the OCuLink interface to connect an external graphics card expansion dock to achieve full performance, while using the USB4 interface for power supply and data transmission, allowing each to fulfill its respective role and making the AYANEO FLIP series a versatile gaming console and mini workstation.



Ongoing Refinement of AYASpace 2.0


The AYANEO FLIP series comes pre-installed with the leading AYASpace 2.0 management software. AYASpace 2.0 has a new underlying architecture and smooth running interaction, continuously improving functionality, compatibility, and the overall experience. Recently, the "Motion EX" feature was introduced, allowing gamers to more conveniently use the console's gyroscope through software for a more immersive gaming experience.



AYASpace 2.0 provides convenient personalized keyboard lighting settings for AYANEO FLIP KB and adapts secondary screen function modules for the dual-screen design of AYANEO FLIP DS, allowing gamers to enjoy a convenient software experience.



AYANEO FLIP KB & DS Configuration Combination and Prices


Detailed configuration combinations and prices for the AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U / 8840U versions of AYANEO FLIP KB & DS are as follows.



The AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U version of AYANEO FLIP KB & DS is expected to start shipping in the middle of March according to the order sequence, while the AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U version is planned to begin shipping in the end of April. Any changes will be notified in advance, and your understanding is appreciated.



Infinitely Excitement, Unfolds with A Flip


AYANEO FLIP KB sets a new benchmark for flip full keyboard handheld consoles, equipped with an RGB full-function keyboard that seamlessly integrates convenient and efficient keyboard input with flip design. It is not only a powerful productivity tool but also a hardcore gaming console. AYANEO FLIP DS is an exclusive and innovative presence in the Windows gaming console field, bringing back the long-lost excitement and passion with its classic dual-screen flip design.



Based on the AYANEO REMAKE concept, AYANEO is transforming unique ideas that once only existed in imagination into reality. In the future journey, AYANEO will continue to innovate, creating creative and enjoyable gaming experiences for gamers, making each playthrough an unforgettable and thrilling adventure.


IGG Campaign: https://www.ayaneo.com/igg/FLIP

Webiste: https://ayaneo.com/

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