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Debut of the Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform, High-End Flagship Android Gaming Console AYANEO Pocket S Sharing Session Officially Begins

On February 6th, the high-end flagship Android handheld, AYANEO Pocket S, equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 gaming platform, sharing session officially begins. AYANEO CEO Arthur, shared the stunning highlights of this top-tier Android handheld with eager players through an online live broadcast, presenting the actual Pocket S device.



Flagship Android Handheld - AYANEO Pocket S


Since entering the field of Android handheld devices, AYANEO has adhered to the philosophy of "Real Gamers, Know Gamers," consistently committed to providing players with an ever-improving first-class Android handheld experience. Positioned as a higher-end flagship product, AYANEO Pocket S is crafted for discerning players who seek uncompromising quality, delivering a superior gaming experience beyond traditional smartphones and conventional Android handheld devices.



Unprecedented Full Marks for Aesthetics and Texture for Android handheld


AYANEO Pocket S adopts a design style distinct from traditional Android handheld devices. Its exterior design integrates the essence of art and technology, featuring a 14mm ultra-thin body that competes directly with high-end flagship smartphones. With high-end flagship-grade craftsmanship, including a CNC full-metal mid-frame and a unique sandblasting process, it achieves an unparalleled top-tier texture.



AYANEO Pocket S pioneers the introduction of a CNC all-metal mid-frame for Android handheld devices, forging a high-strength ultra-thin body with a matte finish that resists fingerprints. The unique metal texture surpasses ordinary Android handheld devices, offering players a distinctive tactile experience.



Every detail reflects top-notch quality, from the CNC metal frame to the new "fishbone" biomimetic heat dissipation hole design, exuding a sense of sharp speed.



AYANEO Pocket S is equipped with a crystal-like design of the cross keys and ABXY keys, which are molded in one piece with a two-color injection molding process, giving gamers the best possible experience without compromising on cost.



Introducing Borderless Full-Screen Design for Flagship Android Handheld


AYANEO Pocket S introduces a borderless full-screen design for Android handheld devices, featuring a front surface covered by a high-strength, high-definition glass. Combined with crystal-clear directional buttons and ABXY buttons, it provides players with a first-class visual and smooth tactile experience.



Thanks to the borderless full-screen design and high-end packaging technology, AYANEO Pocket S boasts an ultimate screen-to-body ratio and an even more immersive visual experience. The pure white panel achieves an extremely narrow bezel, while the pure black panel offers a seamless visual effect, presenting an ultimate screen aesthetics.



First Android Handheld with a 6" 1440P Borderless Mirror Screen


Breaking the traditional compromise on screen quality for Android handheld devices, AYANEO Pocket S is the world's first Android handheld device equipped with a 6" 1440P borderless IPS mirror screen. With a pixel density of 490PPI, it achieves retina-level precision, delivering lifelike display effects in combination with the borderless full-screen design.



AYANEO Pocket S maintains stringent standards for its screen, with color accuracy, color reproduction, and brightness performance still leading the industry. Every time the screen is activated, every frame of the game is a visual feast for players.



Global Debut of the Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform


"Win with Snapdragon." AYANEO collaborates with Qualcomm, a leading company driving the development of the mobile gaming industry, to create the pinnacle of Android handheld gaming performance. AYANEO Pocket S debuts with the Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 gaming platform, setting a new benchmark for handheld gaming platforms.



The new Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 gaming platform features an eight-core Kryo CPU architecture and Adreno™ A32 GPU. Compared to the previous generation, the CPU performance has been boosted by over 30%, and the GPU performance has more than doubled. This empowers the platform to provide a formidable performance increase, setting the stage for an innovative and elevated mobile gaming experience.



The Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 gaming platform is designed for gaming handhelds, featuring a higher CPU frequency and a GPU frequency of up to 1GHz, which is the pinnacle of ARM handheld GPU performance, and provides longer-lasting, stable, and extreme performance compared to mobile platforms used in mainstream flagship gaming phones.



With a higher frequency CPU and GPU, the Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 gaming platform, the AYANEO Pocket S delivers 15W of sustained performance, making it easy to conquer today's popular large-scale RPGs and ultra-heavy 3D round-robin games, and to meet the challenges of the highest quality 60FPS, unlocking a smoother gaming experience.



Stable performance release comes from robust cooling support. Equipped with a large-area VC heat plate and an active air cooling system, AYANEO Pocket S ensures the stable output of the 15W esports-level performance of the Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 gaming platform.



To provide players with a more immersive gaming experience, AYANEO Pocket S supports one-click switching between multiple performance modes for different scenarios. Whether it's the performance-boosting mode with maximum fan speed, the balanced gaming mode to meet the performance needs of most mobile games and retro games, or the long-endurance gaming mode for extended play, all can be easily switched using the Turbo key on the right side of the device.



World's First to Support Triple-Mode Vibration


AYANEO Pocket S not only delivers powerful performance but also pioneers support for triple-mode vibration, providing a comprehensive gaming experience. Equipped with dual X-axis linear motors and built-in vibration, it allows players to experience immersive feedback in games that natively support vibrations.


Moreover, AYANEO Pocket S is the first Android handheld device to implement support for the mainstream XInput protocol, recognized as an Xbox controller by default. This enables players to enjoy the native vibration experience of Xbox controllers. Additionally, it features an independent Home button, allowing players to easily access the Xbox menu during streaming and cloud games.



AYANEO Pocket S also supports the proprietary SoundTAPMagic sound vibration function, adapting feedback based on automatically analyzed game audio for retro games. The support for triple-mode vibration means that AYANEO Pocket S can provide players with a native vibration experience in different types of games.


New Button Mapping Feature


AYANEO Pocket S comes with a new button mapping feature out of the box, allowing players to adapt controller operations to mobile games that do not natively support gamepads without the need for third-party software.



The button mapping feature provided by AYASpace allows players to adjust the transparency of the buttons freely, achieving a fully transparent and unobstructed effect for a more immersive gaming experience. It supports multiple configurations for the same game, allowing players to freely combine different settings, with separate configuration profiles for different games.


Excellent All-Around Control Experience for Android Handhelds


In line with AYANEO's tradition, AYANEO Pocket S is equipped with RGB Hall sensing joysticks and linear Hall triggers, providing players with precise and enjoyable control experiences that have received widespread acclaim.



Moreover, AYANEO Pocket S is equipped with dual X-axis linear motors and a six-axis gyroscope, combined with leading triple-mode vibration, allowing players to experience immersive feedback and motion-sensing gameplay in various scenarios.



Ergonomic Protective Shell


AYANEO Pocket S, positioned as a high-end flagship, offers a complete peripheral accessory experience. The AYANEO design team breaks the tradition of protective accessory design and creates an ergonomic protective shell for AYANEO Pocket S.



The exclusive protective shell for AYANEO Pocket S features large ergonomic grips, providing not only protection for the device but also a comfortable grip for players, achieving a two-in-one benefit.



A Truly High-End Android Handheld Comparable to Flagship Smartphones


AYANEO Pocket S is born out of AYANEO's long-term reflection on the pain points and high-end experience of the Android handheld device category. It is a flagship product created for players who refuse to compromise, offering a top-tier Android handheld experience that transcends traditional smartphones and gaming phones.



Official Launch Event Expected in April


After accumulating mature experience and technology, AYANEO pioneers in the field of Android handheld devices, leading the way in breaking away from the traditional appearance design and top-tier texture of traditional Android handheld devices. With a continuously leading control and software experience, as well as creative peripheral accessory design, AYANEO collaborates closely with Qualcomm to jointly create an extraordinary gaming experience that traditional Android handheld devices and gaming phones find hard to match through the comprehensive and leading Snapdragon® G3x Gen 2 gaming platform.



The official launch event for AYANEO Pocket S is expected to take place in April. Players will soon be able to experience the wonderful charm of this high-end flagship Android handheld device, embarking on a new future for mobile entertainment.


IGG Campaign: https://www.ayaneo.com/igg/PocketS


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