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AYANEO FLIP Peripheral Power Consumption and Battery Life Test

Since AYANEO FLIP release, it has garnered significant attention from gamers, and everyone is eagerly anticipating the delivery of FLIP. We are continuously working hard to fulfill FLIP orders. Today, we bring you peripheral power consumption and battery life tests for FLIP KB/DS.


Based on the above actual test data, it can be observed that the peripheral power consumption of the AYANEO FLIP series is at an excellent level among Windows handheld devices. The consistency in peripheral power consumption under both high and low battery levels is quite strong, providing gamers with a reliable performance.

It is important to note that actual usage conditions, such as battery level, screen brightness, screen refresh rate, Windows performance mode, sound settings, etc., may have varying impacts on peripheral power consumption. Players are encouraged to adjust these settings according to their preferences.

In the future, we will shoot and release related test videos to showcase more exciting features of the AYANEO FLIP series. We appreciate the support and patience of all gamers.




IGG Campaign: https://www.ayaneo.com/igg/FLIP


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