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AYANEO FLIP Gamer Experience Description

Dear Gamers,


We are delighted to introduce the AYANEO FLIP series products to gamers. AYANEO FLIP KB sets a new benchmark as a flip full keyboard handheld console, featuring an RGB full-function keyboard seamlessly integrated with the flip design. It serves not only as a powerful productivity tool but also as a hardcore gaming handheld. AYANEO FLIP DS is the world's first dual-screen flip Windows gaming handheld, bringing back the long-lost emotions and excitement to gamers with its classic design. Recently, we have arranged the first batch of shipments for AYANEO FLIP handheld consoles, and many gamers have already received and experienced them. As the exclusive innovative presence in the handheld console field, the AYANEO FLIP series has posed many challenges to our product and R&D team. With the motto "Real Gamers, Know Gamers," the AYANEO team continues to provide optimizations in both hardware and software fields and has specially prepared experience instructions for gamers, all to ensure gamers can smoothly experience their devices.



AYANEO FLIP Gamer Experience Instructions:


1. AYANEO FLIP is equipped with AYANEO Hyper Sound stereo dual speakers, allowing players to experience a surround sound gaming environment at all times. However, players may encounter occasional crackling sounds when the volume is set to high. The AYANEO team has confirmed that this issue is related to the sound card driver and has resolved it through a driver update. Players can download the update through AYASpace by navigating to "Settings" -> "Update." After the update is completed, a restart is required for the changes to take effect.



2. AYANEO FLIP is the first AYANEO handheld console to support a 120Hz screen refresh rate. The system default resolution is 1920x1080. Currently, the default resolution for the 120Hz screen does not include 720P. Gamers need to add 720P resolution by importing the EDID. After importing, restart the device for the changes to take effect. AYASpace integrates resolution import functionality. In the event of resolution abnormalities, it will restore the 720P resolution after a reboot. Please note that upgrading the AMD graphics card driver may result in changes to the resolution, requiring re-importing the EDID registry file or reopening AYASpace and rebooting the system for repair.

EDID Registry File Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dI0gSlIS1QMBOAA041-fyr1wDodeSy8D?usp=sharing 



3. During the OOBE stage, the dual-screen display of AYANEO FLIP DS is in duplicate mode. During the first boot setup, the secondary screen may appear in portrait mode, causing display orientation abnormalities. After entering the system, AYASpace will automatically start. After initialization, double-clicking the "Dual Screen Key" will reset the arrangement of dual-screen content, or a simple reboot will restore normal screen orientation.



We appreciate the recognition and support from gamers for AYANEO FLIP. AYANEO will continue to bring more innovative handheld console products to gamers. The mass-produced version of AYANEO FLIP is still in continuous shipment. For gamers who have not received it yet, please be patient. We will deliver FLIP to gamers as soon as possible, allowing gamers to experience the extraordinary fun of flip handheld consoles firsthand. Thank you!

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