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AYASpace 1.0 to 2.0 Upgrade Announcement

Dear gamers,


As the first brand to decide to develop exclusive management software for Windows handheld devices, AYANEO independently developed the handheld exclusive management software AYASpace 1.0 from scratch. With innovative software and hardware interaction logic and comprehensive software and hardware setting functions, AYASpace 1.0 achieved an unprecedented convenient software experience for the then immature Windows handheld devices.


The comprehensive AYASpace 1.0 is a benchmark-level Windows handheld management software, setting a good example for the industry. We thank players for their recognition and support of AYASpace. At the same time, considering the changes in the demand for handheld management software and feedback from player experiences, while continuing the advantages of AYASpace 1.0, we have adopted a completely new upgraded underlying architecture and launched the fully upgraded AYASpace 2.0.



AYASpace 2.0 features a newly designed elegant UI interface, smooth interaction, and better device compatibility. It has also introduced new features such as joystick lighting effects, keyboard lighting effects, custom buttons, custom touchpads, motion sensing EX, and performance mode 2.0, providing further enhanced user experience while being fully functional.


Currently, we are focusing on continuous optimization and upgrading of AYASpace 2.0. To allow more players to enjoy the convenient experience brought by the comprehensive upgrade of AYASpace 2.0, we will push OTA updates for all players still using AYASpace 1.0. Players can check for updates within the software and directly upgrade to AYASpace 2.0 without the need for separate downloads.


We recommend all players to upgrade to AYASpace 2.0 to enjoy continuously improving software experience. If players want to revert to the AYASpace 1.0 version due to compatibility or usage habit reasons after the upgrade, they can download the AYASpace 1.0 installation package from the AYANEO official website and reinstall it. Players are welcome to choose according to their usage needs and fully experience the gaming fun brought by AYANEO handheld devices.



The AYANEO team will continue to optimize and upgrade AYASpace 2.0 to bring better experiences to players. Welcome players to follow the AYANEO official platform for the latest information. Thank you!

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To let you know since the latest updates of the touchpads for the Ayaneo Kun , the LEFT touchpad doesn't work anymore and we are many people on discord experiencing that issue. Please fix it with a patch