Storage Bag

More suitable for storing multiple items.

The AYANEO storage bag has a three-dimensional appearance and a reasonable storage partition. It can be compatible with handheld grips and has excellent qualities such as flexible storage, stylish appearance, portability and safety protection.

Compatible with grips,
travel with you

This brand is custom-made by the original factory and fits perfectly with the AYANEO body. Its reserved space is compatible with handheld grips. This storage bag is small and stylish, coupled with a combination of silicone and precision weaving, it is convenient to carry.

Easy to store,
deformed design.

It has a large capacity, multiple storage bins with multi-layer space, and storage is more free and flexible. The magic belt sandwich can not only fix and protect the handheld, but also transform into a handheld stand. The bottom of the storage bag is reserved for empty space, which is convenient for charging and playing.

Skin-friendly touch,
good shape stability and

Its precision nylon woven surface is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and it is lined with fleece to absorb shock and protect the machine. The storage bag is not only healthy and safe, but also comfortable to touch and decompress. The fabric it uses has good shape stability, three-dimensional shape, and makes people love it.

Hard shell protection,
moisture-proof and

The storage bag is made of high-density and compression-resistant materials, with a hot press molding process. Its hard-shell portable storage, anti-falling and compressive, protects AYANEO from daily bumps. The zipper double-layer sealing structure has good airtightness and can easily deal with dust and water splashes..

Exquisite details,
fascinating everywhere.

The storage bag has been polished repeatedly by AYANEO and has a beautiful contour curve. It is equipped with YKK quality zippers, which is smooth and durable. And the zipper puller, which is made of metal, silicone and nylon, looks simple and beautiful, and attentive to the details.

  • Product Name AYANEO storage bag
  • Material Nylon fabric, EVA
  • Adapted models

    AYANEO 2021

    AYANEO 2021Pro

  • Origin China, Guangdong
  • Product grade Qualified
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