The AYANEO team drew inspiration from the Master,

extracted the six characteristics that best represent the Master,

then created an unprecedented Windows console AYANEO NEXT,

we gave it the meaning of "Master".

The master of each field, all of their internal and external states are infinitely close to

the core value of the field, the body state is the externalized expression of this.

Industrial design of products must start from the core value of products,

and master products are both in form and meaning.

A real master, always can insight into the opportunity, catch the right timing, and make the right choice.

Hall Effect sensors for joysticks

and triggers. Why?

Most joystick consoles use carbon film potentiometer structure.

The cost is lower but prone to wear and the debris cause drift.

AYANEO developers collaborate with Gulikit and K-Silver to

bring you a Hall sensor joystick with no drift, no dead zone

for much better gaming experience.


Accuracy, Dead Zone

Retrieving Test

Popular joysticks with deadzone: Offset the error by lowering accuracy

Other popular joysticks without deadzone: give different test results every single time

AYANEO NEXT: No preset deadzone at the origin, gives the same, much smaller error

Origin Deadzone Test

AYANEO NEXT is more smooth and accurate.

Test Circularity

AYANEO NEXT is far more smooth and accurate.

Test Circularity

The Hall sensor joystick used in AYANEO NEXT came out on top in all the can

be seen from the test that AYANEO NEXT is the only Windows handheld with no drift,

no dead zone and high precision.

Accurate to 1 mm

500 times of usage

With the combination of Hall Sensor joysticks and trigger

Gaming experience is now a much higher level


The meticulously adjusted central axis height and precise rocker limit

make it extremely smooth and coherent when rotating the central axis.

We repeatedly tried various strengths of conductive glue to find the material

that best suits the control of the handheld.

The rebound is crisp and powerful, and the service life is as long as 300w times.

Ergonomic appearance design and unique angle difference chamfer,

precise control, long-term play without getting tired.

lt is proved by the data of AYANEO laboratory that under the load (150g)

the button is pressed at a speed of 2 back and forth/second.

After 3 million times,the keys are still on and off normally,

the hand feels smooth, and there is no stuck feeling.

Experimental comparison tests and game demonstrations

have all confirmed the unique advantages of

AYANEO NEXT Hall joystick,

Hall trigger and button combination.

AYANEO NEXT brings you a gaming experience comparable to traditional large controllers,

and even surpasses the existing Pro controllers on the market in some aspects.

This is the way of AYANEO's exploration, and this is AYANEO's attitude towards products.

Unwilling to be ordinary, always full of sense of mission,

"real players for players", AYANEO's original intention has never changed.

The spiritual core of the master is ingenuity.

They regard their life as a product, and are obsessed with polishing at all levels, both inside

and outside, and step by step toward perfection.

AYANEO pursues the ultimate at the hardware level, and works hard on the inside to

create a perfect handheld that is both internal and external.

By creating the AYA Space system,

it brings players an interactive experience that surpasses other Windows handhelds.

Maintain ingenuity, continue to optimize,

and redefine the new era of Windows handhelds.

Skill is the primary criterion for considering a master, and every person who is called a master is

absolutely irreproachable in skill.l have what others don't have; l am stronger with what everyone

has; I have an advantage when they are the same.

We also regard skill as the primary criterion for considering the AYANEO NEXT handheld, and have

developed a series of functions that can be called "handheld black technology".

One-click FSR

AYANEO integrates FSR technology developed by partner AMD into AYA Space.

One-click FSR J is more in line with the operating habits of handheld game scenes,

bringing players a clear full-screen display and smooth game screen,

matching more game scenes AYANEO new experienc


(The suick) is a AYAspace key combination feature for a faster game experience

Using the four directions of the D-pad as a quick selection counterpart is

defined as four commonly used operations so that players can quickly use the

required features in the game without leaving the seat to drop the gamepad,

all designed around your game experience.

Time is fair to everyone, but it is not absolutely fair. The most different point of the

master compared with ordinary people is efficiency.

The TDP fast switching is the product of our enlightenment at the efficiency level.

By analyzing the performance curve released by AMD drive, organize and analyze the

demand for power consumption of mainstream games, ensure the basic battery life, and

release the performance.

And all this, only need to open (one click start) to complete.

The most important characteristic of a master is self-innovation

AYANEO NEXT is given the name of exploration, creating a Hall rocker, Hall trigger

comparable to or even more than the professional gamepad control experience,

with AYA space to bring players a good handheld system.

Use one-touch FSR, Suick (fast open) and other handheld black technology to

continuously improve the player's game experience.

AYANEO NEXT innovates for itself and moves towards the master

Form and meaning, precision, ingenuity, skill, efficiency, renovation

This is our interpretation of the concept of master

It's also everything we give AYANEO NEXT this revolutionary product